Developing Projects that Serve the Word!


Videos submitted by musicians from around the world performing the beloved hymn, "Amazing Grace"


Reflections and musical interludes presented by Bob Ravenscroft

Live jazz performed in sacred spaces that pleases the ears and feeds the soul.


The Word Reborn Project is musical innovation and exploration of Scripture using the language of modern music, including jazz, rock, funk, R&B, and world music.

An educational experience for music students offering jazz combo/big band programs, instruction in improvisation, theory and jazz history, College scholarship programs for alums and other uniquely valuable resources.

Official site of founder, Bob Ravenscroft: committed to the cause of Christ, the renewal of worship, and to supporting music and the arts that serve God's Word. 

Vocalist Vicki McDermitt's focus is outreach! She uses both secular and sacred music as an inroad to bring humanitarian aid locally and internationally.

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Music Serving The an outreach of MSW Ministries, a 501(c)(3) organization in Carefree, Arizona USA.  ©2020  All Rights Reserved

Music Serving the Word is passionate about inviting people to Christ through music and God's Word - fusing faith and the arts in creating musical, visual, and spoken art forms that glorify God alone.